Welcome to the art studio. I sincerely hope you will enjoy learning about my approach to fine art. Growing up in New Jersey, I had a love of drawing, painting and fishing. Painting was special fun because you could always feel free to change and modify as a piece developed. The computer has been a very welcome addition to my arsenal of materials and techniques. The ability to use special and different sized brushes, create your own colors, and especially to change and modify on the fly without the need for rags, smells and messes is the best thing that could ever have happened to painting. I have been working with computers for the past 30 years as an architect, and the addition of a drawing tablet and stylus 15 years ago was all it took to get me back into the painting mode.

Customization – Let’s create a new work of art together

Perhaps you only use a Gotcha with a yellow wing and gold body. Or you would never use a Gotcha at all for bonefish. Maybe your most memorable trout was caught with an Adams fly.

We can use your flies if you send them, or we can tie flies to your specs. If you have a photo of yourself or your boat that you would like to include we can do that. You can create a new piece with your target fish and your flies, photos and fish pictures.

We enjoy the challenge of creating something completely new. In fact that’s what we set out to do every day.

Pete Pizzi